The Blue Bands – Project Lend A Hand

The Blue Bands – Project Lend A Hand

To Honor our 2,147 Fallen Heroes, as of October 10, 2005, who have made the Ultimate Sacrifice to defend our country and ensure our Freedom, we have started this project to raise money for the Spouses and Children of the Military Personnel we have lost in Operation Iraqi Freedom, Afghanistan, and here at Home. Wife’s Text Messages

The Organizations we have chosen, The Fallen Patriot Fund, The Fallen Heroes Last Wish Foundation, The Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund, and the Pat Tillman Foundation, not only help those families who have suffered a loss or severe injury, but also provide help in other ways. These organizations are not affiliated with this project, nor are they endorsing it.

They all share the same vision as we do. With your help, we feel we can exceed our goals, and help those families who have been devastated by these Wars. Each Patriotic Band is only $1.50 and for every Blue Band we sell, we will be donating $.50 cents to aid these organizations in their efforts. We would like to make our first donation within 14 days of selling our 50,000th Band.

Subsequent donations will be made accordingly and will be noted on our News Page. Here’s your chance to help those families who not only need our help but deserve it. Order Yours Now. If you are interested in a Custom WristBand or Fundraiser of your own for your School or Organization, Iraq War Heroes.


As of October 10, 2005 there have been 2,147 United States Soldiers and 194 Coalition Troops that have given their lives for this Great Country we call The United States. Click HERE for the list of their names. Fifty-three percent of those who lost their lives were married with an average of 2 children each. Currently, there are 1,385,116 active military personnel, and 1,207,087 children with at least 1 parent in the military. Of the active members, 728,408 are married.

On the average, 1/3 of all military families must move each year. This is a hard way to live your life. But they sacrifice in ways most of us will never know. They dedicate their lives for our Freedom. It takes a lot of Courage and Honor, as well as Dedication and Sacrifice, to risk their lives to protect our country and those who live here.

We want those families who have lost a loved one, and even the personnel who are presently active in the military, to know that we appreciate what you are doing and have done for us and that you and your family will not be forgotten. Our goal over the course of this project is to raise 5 Million Dollars to help those families that may need it.

Whether it is for Medical Bills, College Tuition for the Children, or any other financial burdens that come along, we want you to know there will be money available if you need it. We are selling these Blue Bands for only $1.50, and we will donate $.50 cents for each Blue Courage & Honor Wristband sold. We would like to have you choose which one of the 4 funds we have listed that you would like to see the donations go to. We will then make our Donations Accordingly.

These funds are not associated with us in any way, nor do they endorse our wristbands in any way. They all share the same vision as we do, and that is to make sure our Heroes and their families are taken care of and not forgotten.


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